Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of the customers that have used BAM!

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FS3 Inc. Distributor Testimonials

“Our customers love the lightweight and large hand holes….makes them easy to us. We have not had a single return or negative comment about the BAM! mats.”

Angie Simon
Sales Counter Manager

“Our directional drilling and trenching customers like the BAM! mats versatility, lightweight, safety green color and easy to walk on tread, plus they are less likely to leave behind at the job site. BAM has been a lightweight versatile alternative to the heavier traction mats in the market…the customers now are asking for the BAM! mats.”

Brent Baker
Sales Director

“The customers are switching from plywood as they recognize the long term benefits and significant cost savings. BAM! mats are the perfect accessory sale and compliment the other equipment lines we sell.”

Marty Ferguson

Town & Country Lawn Service Testimonial

Ryan Kuhn, owner of Town & Country Lawn Service in Hartford Wisconsin, knows BAM! is best for his crews that do a lot of projects that require specialized equipment or techniques.

Kuhn said they were on a project where they knew their equipment would tear up the lawn so they used plywood. But the plywood was getting saturated and super heavy.

“Moving the plywood was a two-person job,” Kuhn said. Now with BAM! it’s a one-person job to move the mats because they’re lighter and have handles. BAM! makes everything easy to do.

Lurvey Landscape Supply Testimonial

Lisa Segovia with Lurvey Landscape Supply talks about why they love, use, and distribute BAM! Ground Protection Mats. From their durability, size, weight, ease of use, and bright green color – Lurvey knows BAM! is the investment that protects your jobsite.

Other Testimonials

I most appreciate how lightweight the product is and multiple handles make it much more convenient to handle than plywood.

– Buck Bonham – 25 years of landscaping experience

I love absolutely everything about this new product. It is better than the old method of using dirty and cracked plywood sheets. My crew can quickly lift them off the machine forks and restack at the end of the project safely and more efficiently than before.

– Sam Redmer (15 years of landscaping experience)

I appreciate this product that it comes in a 2′ and 4′ width. The sizes allow us to choose the correct mat to the job we are performing. We often use the 2′ width for wheelbarrow access on new lawns and wet sites. The mats are a modern solution to an old problem that all landscapers have faced. I highly recommend them. Great company – Great product.

– Scott Erickson (Owner – 45 years of landscaping experience)